Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend FUN

I am literally forcing myself to write this. What I really want to be doing is laying on my leisure bed with my new Vera Bradley fuzzy blanket. Alas, I also want to document some memories.

Friday afternoon my mom and sister M came and picked me up a little after five. I was so happy to see them! As soon as we got home we had to get ready to leave for our high school's football game because my younger sister E was going to be joining the high school band for a special Halloween-Marching-Band EXTRAVAGANZA YO! Furthermore, I must inform you that I reallllllly dislike football games, especially high school football. I hate to say it but the bands just sound like noise, especially our band. They play the same songs EVERY year. I'm just an innocent bystander and even I notice how tired "Thriller" is beginning to sound, and I love me some Michael Jackson too.

BUT, I really wanted to be with my family so I put on my college sweatshirt like the very cool and grown up girl that I am. It was cold, rainy and miserable and our rear ends got wet on the seats. We did make some memories though and it was fun to see E playing on the field like she will be next year.

After we got home I put on my cozy pajamas and joined my mom and sisters in her room and we all talked together. When my mom fell asleep (because that just always seems to happen), M and I went to our rooms and chatted for awhile. I slept so darn well in my bed. My bed here at school is not uncomfortable, it just doesn't compare to the wonders of my bed at home. I picked out that mattress when I was literally four years old and I've had it ever since. Perfection. I did have an odd dream about having surgery to get tubes in my ears, but overall, the night was a  success.

Saturday I slept in for a little while and then I emerged just in time to bid my parents farewell as they headed off to a conference at our Church. M and I had a fun day ahead of shopping and eating (the best things in life). We headed to the mall around 11 and from there we went to eat, after that we drove to another plaza and got ice cream and went to the bookstore. M picked out a new book for me and I think it actually might be pretty good. I'm a pretty picky reader and it's hard for me to just grab a book off the shelf but I stepped out of my comfort zone so hopefully it will be worth it.

We got home and soon my parents did too. Surprise, surprise E was at the mall (same mall that I had just been to) with a friend and needed to be picked up. So I joined my mom and we went and got her. I love spending time with my mama, even if it's just driving to the mall and back. When we got home, my mom and I made meatballs for her homemade pasta sauce that she would make on Sunday. I'd never helped with the meatballs before and it was pretty fun!

That night we all watched some TV together and then retired to our beds. I slept well once again, of course. Although I had another dream about having surgery, this time I was getting some sort of chest tube put in place. Weird.

Sunday morning I made myself get up early so I could go to the first service at Church. I got to sit by my favorite family and it was a message. I love my Church so much.

When I got home my mom and I made the sauce and then she left for work. C called me and wanted to hang out and of course I did too!! I missed my best friend! She drove over and we chilled and talked for awhile and then we went to eat together and bonded over politics an college discussions. She's a senior is and applying now, I pray that she gets into her dream school. She is so smart and talented!

After C left to go to work I had to do some homework on my computer. Then my sisters and I carved our pumpkins. Mine is really funny, I made it look like it's winking. And of course my pumpkin is the weirdest shape. I like them that way.

Everyone went to get my mom from work (why they all went is beyond me) and I was left to get dinner ready. The sauce had pretty much evaporated and no one knows why, my mom has literally been making it for decades. I blame myself.

Dinner was still good though and I always enjoy time with my family. In honor of my half birthday we had pumpkin cheesecake. Alright, it was not really in honor of anything, we just had it.

My dad and sisters all watched Once Upon a Time while my mom and I talked in my room. I love her so much. Unfortunately, I did not sleep well that night. Something did not agree with me and I was nauseous, yuck. I decided to skip my first class and hang at home for a little bit today. I got back around 11. Don't worry though, I'm not slacking I just didn't feel well.

All in all it was a really nice weekend. I was supposed to go home on Wednesday for Halloween but bad weather has tweaked that a bit so I will be home on Friday instead. Looking forward to a good week!


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