Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Musings

I'm sitting at my desk watching Law and Order SVU (the best type of L&O). I stayed at school this weekend and although it was BORING it was alright, I didn't go crazy like last time.

What does this week hold for me? Well, one statistics exam and a dance midterm. Fun stuff. I really hope I do well on stats, I'm still anxiously awaiting my midterm grade in Anatomy. Oh I am so nervous.

Hmmm, what else?? OH!!!! Taylor Swifts new album comes out in 8 days! I am beyond excited. I absolutely LOVE T-Swift. Not only is she a totally cool person, her music can range from upbeat-dance-around-the-room to cry-my-eyes out.
Here's an example of each:

 I really dislike this music video, but I love the song.

I cry every time I hear this

So basically, Taylor is one of my favorite celebrities. She's down to earth and so kind. I cannot wait for her new album....cannot wait. 

At risk of this post becoming all about Taylor Swift, I will now change the subject. 

To what? I got nothing. 
Happy Sunday!


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