Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Mosiac Creations

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First off, I think we can all agree that I am not an artist. However, I do love to create things and my "art" has been a great way to unwind here at college. I typically work on a project when I am done with homework or studying, usually every other night. I hang my masterpieces all over the white walls of my dorm room. Here they are!:
 I made the rest of my name too but this is anonymous so you just get to see the G!

 I made this one to remind me that that's why I'm here-to learn! It hangs above the bed where I sit and learn all of my Anatomy flashcards. This is actually not one of my favorites, I'm not totally digging the colors.

 Love this! I put it on my window and when the sun shines through it it look so pretty!

 This one is my very favorite, it's on the wall beside my bed.

 This one is on my door. I've always loved blue and yellow together, it reminds me of summer.

 What you're seeing here is a very messy desk! But I made the rainbow banner to keep my cheery while I do work. It's not mosaic like the rest but it's still fun.

I like to make words out of them too, Go Lucy Go!! I just made this sign the other day. 

So...yeah, that's pretty much it. I usually use three colors per piece and I think I have the most fun picking them out. I love to see what looks good together and try to avoid what doesn't.
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  1. Your favorite is my favorite! I can see the letters of 'dream' decopauged onto black boards or framed in simple black frames. Very cool!

    Lisa @All That and a Box of Rocks