Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Welcome and happy Halloween!! I'm not one of those die hard Halloween fans, but I do think it's a fun holiday and creates many memories. Yesterday I looked back at my past costumes and today I'm going to talk about how I celebrate/have celebrated.

The usual Halloween routine for my family is to invite my moms side of the family over and have a little party and trick or treat. There are 6 cousins under 11 on that side so there are plenty of people going out to get candy! I haven't trick or treated in two years, I think I'm officially done but I do walk with my cousins so it's still fun.

In the past we have really made some cool costumes, one year I was a stop light and my dad made the costume for me out of a cardboard box and some colored plastic wrap. My sister was the statue of liberty and we made that whole costume as well. We don't really do the "scary" part of Halloween.

If we didn't have family coming over every year I would most definitely help out at the fair they have at my Church, I have been wanting to volunteer for years but I don't want to miss out on visiting with my relatives. This year has been a bit unpredictable because hurricane Sandy has literally rescheduled our Halloween to Friday. I was planning on coming home tomorrow night and then going back Thursday morning before my 11 o'clock class. BUT, since trick or treating has been moved I don't have to go back in the middle of the week I can come home Friday. It's a lot easier this way so I'm pleased, but not happy that the reason it got moved is because of an awful storm.

Here is a the pumpkin I carved, it's so super blurry but it's the best I got on my phone:

Happy Halloween! 

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