Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ghosts of Halloween Past

I'll write a real Halloween post tomorrow but for fun today I wanted to go back and remember what I dressed up as for each year of my life

6 Months: Lamb
1 Year: Devil
2 Years: Daisy
3 Years: Ballerina
4 Years: Tinkerbell
5 Years: Charmelion (the pokemon)
6 Years: Butterfly
7 Years: Medieval Princess
8 Years: Hillbilly Cowgirl (hilarious and homemade)
9 Years: Stop Light (also homemade by my dad!)
10 Years: British Royal Guard (homemade and very real looking)
11 Years: Mexican Clown (thrown together and accidentally terrifying)
12 Years: Geisha
13 Years: Black Cat (LAME)
14 Years: Headless/Pumpkin Head
15 Years: Not sure what to call it but M and I coordinated and had masks/capes/spray painted outfits, very cool.
16 Years: Repeat of the year before, costume was just too awesome.
17 Years: Cheetah
18 Years: To be decided, nothing extravagant since I'm not actually going to be trick or treating.

So there you have it!
Which sounds the coolest to you??


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