Sunday, October 21, 2012

Five Days

Five days (including today) until I go home for the first time in three weeks! I know that that's not a lot to some people but before college, I'd never even been away from home for more than a day (length of a sleepover to be precise).

I feel out of sorts, my family visited this weekend and my younger sister E even slept over lats night. It's weird, but seeing them actually makes me miss them more. Like, I'd been fine for the two weeks and then they visited on Saturday and I cried that night for a good ten minutes, even though I knew that I'd see my mom the next day when she picked up my sister. I think seeing them just makes me more aware of what I'm missing.

In addition to my loved ones, I miss my house! When I go home on Friday, I will have been away from my house for 20 days. Wow. 20 days since I slid on the kitchen tile in my socks, 20 days since I swung around the pole at the bottom of the basement stairs on my way to my room, 20 days since I sat at the kitchen table and chatted with my mom while she made dinner, 20 days since I flopped onto my favorite couch. And, saddest of all, 20 days since I snuggled my dog. Sniff sniff. I miss her too!

But, I have a feeling that this week will go by fast. I mean, they really have been so far. I've gotten all my homework done for tomorrow, which means that I have a 3 hour break between classes where I'll have nothing to do!

Wait a minute...



...that's when TAYLOR SWIFTS NEW ALBUM COMES OUT!! Holllllahhhhh!!!

I am so excited for Red (title of the album), obviously.

Oh and I do say "hollah" when I find out I got a good grade or figure out a hard math problem. It just adds to the excitement.

So...yeah, I'll be spending my free hours listening to the 16 tracks of Red, 12 of which will be completely new to me. I can't wait!! My older sister M is buying it and I'm downloading it right to my ipad here at school. She's returning the favor for all the times I bought her stuff over the summer with my graduation money.

Well...I'm going to go watch some Netflix. Have I mentioned that I'm rewatching my old favorite shows? I am. After I went through the Parenthood series for the first time in August, I moved onto my old favorite, Brothers and Sisters. I finished that series up last week and now I am watching Desperate Housewives. I know, I know, that show can be a But I really only watch for the entertaining mysteries and the funny characters. I cover my eyes at the bad stuff ok??

Signing off now, I've got a lot to look forward to. Red, coming home on Friday, the pumpkin muffins my dad brought me yesterday...



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  1. Excited to see that I'm not the only college student that follows Kate's blog! Also, the home sickness gets better. I am at a school that is 5+ hours away from home, so I only go home on long breaks which are about every 3 months. I miss home and my family but it gets easier to deal with as time goes on.