Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Dorm Decor!

Well...I don't exactly have a home to decorate but I do have a dorm room that is a blank canvas! I do "art" after I'm done with homework or studying, it's a way of unwinding and even though I'm not an artist or anything, I love to make things! These fall decorations kept me occupied for the past week or so:
 I printed these leaves out from the internet, it took me FOREVER to color them all and cut them out. But it was so much fun trying to make them look real.

 Fun little Jack-o-Lanterns. Some of them actually scare me a little bit!

 I drew this on my white board for all to see.

 Friendly ghost, I free handed this one and it came out pretty nice. This is on my bureau.

I also put a pumpkin on my mirror, I realized that I couldn't really take a picture of it without putting myself in there too and since this blog is anonymous I had to take it at this weird angle. Sorry folks!

Anyway, I know I'm not the next Picaso or anything but I like the room to feel festive and homey. 
Hope you are enjoying your fall season! 


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