Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Welcome and happy Halloween!! I'm not one of those die hard Halloween fans, but I do think it's a fun holiday and creates many memories. Yesterday I looked back at my past costumes and today I'm going to talk about how I celebrate/have celebrated.

The usual Halloween routine for my family is to invite my moms side of the family over and have a little party and trick or treat. There are 6 cousins under 11 on that side so there are plenty of people going out to get candy! I haven't trick or treated in two years, I think I'm officially done but I do walk with my cousins so it's still fun.

In the past we have really made some cool costumes, one year I was a stop light and my dad made the costume for me out of a cardboard box and some colored plastic wrap. My sister was the statue of liberty and we made that whole costume as well. We don't really do the "scary" part of Halloween.

If we didn't have family coming over every year I would most definitely help out at the fair they have at my Church, I have been wanting to volunteer for years but I don't want to miss out on visiting with my relatives. This year has been a bit unpredictable because hurricane Sandy has literally rescheduled our Halloween to Friday. I was planning on coming home tomorrow night and then going back Thursday morning before my 11 o'clock class. BUT, since trick or treating has been moved I don't have to go back in the middle of the week I can come home Friday. It's a lot easier this way so I'm pleased, but not happy that the reason it got moved is because of an awful storm.

Here is a the pumpkin I carved, it's so super blurry but it's the best I got on my phone:

Happy Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ghosts of Halloween Past

I'll write a real Halloween post tomorrow but for fun today I wanted to go back and remember what I dressed up as for each year of my life

6 Months: Lamb
1 Year: Devil
2 Years: Daisy
3 Years: Ballerina
4 Years: Tinkerbell
5 Years: Charmelion (the pokemon)
6 Years: Butterfly
7 Years: Medieval Princess
8 Years: Hillbilly Cowgirl (hilarious and homemade)
9 Years: Stop Light (also homemade by my dad!)
10 Years: British Royal Guard (homemade and very real looking)
11 Years: Mexican Clown (thrown together and accidentally terrifying)
12 Years: Geisha
13 Years: Black Cat (LAME)
14 Years: Headless/Pumpkin Head
15 Years: Not sure what to call it but M and I coordinated and had masks/capes/spray painted outfits, very cool.
16 Years: Repeat of the year before, costume was just too awesome.
17 Years: Cheetah
18 Years: To be decided, nothing extravagant since I'm not actually going to be trick or treating.

So there you have it!
Which sounds the coolest to you??


Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend FUN

I am literally forcing myself to write this. What I really want to be doing is laying on my leisure bed with my new Vera Bradley fuzzy blanket. Alas, I also want to document some memories.

Friday afternoon my mom and sister M came and picked me up a little after five. I was so happy to see them! As soon as we got home we had to get ready to leave for our high school's football game because my younger sister E was going to be joining the high school band for a special Halloween-Marching-Band EXTRAVAGANZA YO! Furthermore, I must inform you that I reallllllly dislike football games, especially high school football. I hate to say it but the bands just sound like noise, especially our band. They play the same songs EVERY year. I'm just an innocent bystander and even I notice how tired "Thriller" is beginning to sound, and I love me some Michael Jackson too.

BUT, I really wanted to be with my family so I put on my college sweatshirt like the very cool and grown up girl that I am. It was cold, rainy and miserable and our rear ends got wet on the seats. We did make some memories though and it was fun to see E playing on the field like she will be next year.

After we got home I put on my cozy pajamas and joined my mom and sisters in her room and we all talked together. When my mom fell asleep (because that just always seems to happen), M and I went to our rooms and chatted for awhile. I slept so darn well in my bed. My bed here at school is not uncomfortable, it just doesn't compare to the wonders of my bed at home. I picked out that mattress when I was literally four years old and I've had it ever since. Perfection. I did have an odd dream about having surgery to get tubes in my ears, but overall, the night was a  success.

Saturday I slept in for a little while and then I emerged just in time to bid my parents farewell as they headed off to a conference at our Church. M and I had a fun day ahead of shopping and eating (the best things in life). We headed to the mall around 11 and from there we went to eat, after that we drove to another plaza and got ice cream and went to the bookstore. M picked out a new book for me and I think it actually might be pretty good. I'm a pretty picky reader and it's hard for me to just grab a book off the shelf but I stepped out of my comfort zone so hopefully it will be worth it.

We got home and soon my parents did too. Surprise, surprise E was at the mall (same mall that I had just been to) with a friend and needed to be picked up. So I joined my mom and we went and got her. I love spending time with my mama, even if it's just driving to the mall and back. When we got home, my mom and I made meatballs for her homemade pasta sauce that she would make on Sunday. I'd never helped with the meatballs before and it was pretty fun!

That night we all watched some TV together and then retired to our beds. I slept well once again, of course. Although I had another dream about having surgery, this time I was getting some sort of chest tube put in place. Weird.

Sunday morning I made myself get up early so I could go to the first service at Church. I got to sit by my favorite family and it was a message. I love my Church so much.

When I got home my mom and I made the sauce and then she left for work. C called me and wanted to hang out and of course I did too!! I missed my best friend! She drove over and we chilled and talked for awhile and then we went to eat together and bonded over politics an college discussions. She's a senior is and applying now, I pray that she gets into her dream school. She is so smart and talented!

After C left to go to work I had to do some homework on my computer. Then my sisters and I carved our pumpkins. Mine is really funny, I made it look like it's winking. And of course my pumpkin is the weirdest shape. I like them that way.

Everyone went to get my mom from work (why they all went is beyond me) and I was left to get dinner ready. The sauce had pretty much evaporated and no one knows why, my mom has literally been making it for decades. I blame myself.

Dinner was still good though and I always enjoy time with my family. In honor of my half birthday we had pumpkin cheesecake. Alright, it was not really in honor of anything, we just had it.

My dad and sisters all watched Once Upon a Time while my mom and I talked in my room. I love her so much. Unfortunately, I did not sleep well that night. Something did not agree with me and I was nauseous, yuck. I decided to skip my first class and hang at home for a little bit today. I got back around 11. Don't worry though, I'm not slacking I just didn't feel well.

All in all it was a really nice weekend. I was supposed to go home on Wednesday for Halloween but bad weather has tweaked that a bit so I will be home on Friday instead. Looking forward to a good week!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Half Birthday To Me!

Since I took that silly blogging break earlier this year I did not get to write on my birthday, so I am taking the chance to post on my half birthday! Today I am 18 1/2! Wow, I can't believe that I am closer to 19 than 18. Time flies.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

...and self control

Self control. You may know it as the ninth fruit of the spirit. Yep, this trait is so important that the Bible (God's word) includes it among love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, kindness, goodness and gentleness. Well then...

It seems that homegirl here has been having some trouble with self control lately. Bottom line,  I stuff my face. I try to eat healthy but every time I pass up the cookies in the little convenience store or brownies in the cafe, I just have to have them. I honestly credit this trait to my parents, reason one being that my older sister and I NEVER got ANY sweets growing up. It was all natural, all organic...all the time. Maybe we'd get a yogurt pop or some Newman O's. Of course they weren't like dictators, we got cake on our birthday and could partake in deserts at gatherings and parties but it just wasn't the norm for us. This is why, when we now have access to these things, we take FULL advantage of them. The second reason why my parents are responsible for this is that my dad passed his incredibly sweet tooth onto me. Actually, I believe it was originally from my favorite grandma but I can't blame her! It's not that I don't love normal, healthy meals, I do. It's just that I don't feel complete until it's topped off with some cookies, ice cream or cake...anything sweet.

Furthermore, I can tell that all of this sugar is affecting me negatively. I need to just control myself and cut it out completely.

We'll see how I do, I really am going to try my hardest.

Lord, help me!


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Five Days

Five days (including today) until I go home for the first time in three weeks! I know that that's not a lot to some people but before college, I'd never even been away from home for more than a day (length of a sleepover to be precise).

I feel out of sorts, my family visited this weekend and my younger sister E even slept over lats night. It's weird, but seeing them actually makes me miss them more. Like, I'd been fine for the two weeks and then they visited on Saturday and I cried that night for a good ten minutes, even though I knew that I'd see my mom the next day when she picked up my sister. I think seeing them just makes me more aware of what I'm missing.

In addition to my loved ones, I miss my house! When I go home on Friday, I will have been away from my house for 20 days. Wow. 20 days since I slid on the kitchen tile in my socks, 20 days since I swung around the pole at the bottom of the basement stairs on my way to my room, 20 days since I sat at the kitchen table and chatted with my mom while she made dinner, 20 days since I flopped onto my favorite couch. And, saddest of all, 20 days since I snuggled my dog. Sniff sniff. I miss her too!

But, I have a feeling that this week will go by fast. I mean, they really have been so far. I've gotten all my homework done for tomorrow, which means that I have a 3 hour break between classes where I'll have nothing to do!

Wait a minute...



...that's when TAYLOR SWIFTS NEW ALBUM COMES OUT!! Holllllahhhhh!!!

I am so excited for Red (title of the album), obviously.

Oh and I do say "hollah" when I find out I got a good grade or figure out a hard math problem. It just adds to the excitement.

So...yeah, I'll be spending my free hours listening to the 16 tracks of Red, 12 of which will be completely new to me. I can't wait!! My older sister M is buying it and I'm downloading it right to my ipad here at school. She's returning the favor for all the times I bought her stuff over the summer with my graduation money.

Well...I'm going to go watch some Netflix. Have I mentioned that I'm rewatching my old favorite shows? I am. After I went through the Parenthood series for the first time in August, I moved onto my old favorite, Brothers and Sisters. I finished that series up last week and now I am watching Desperate Housewives. I know, I know, that show can be a But I really only watch for the entertaining mysteries and the funny characters. I cover my eyes at the bad stuff ok??

Signing off now, I've got a lot to look forward to. Red, coming home on Friday, the pumpkin muffins my dad brought me yesterday...



Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Mosiac Creations

 If you are visiting from the Link Party, welcome!!

First off, I think we can all agree that I am not an artist. However, I do love to create things and my "art" has been a great way to unwind here at college. I typically work on a project when I am done with homework or studying, usually every other night. I hang my masterpieces all over the white walls of my dorm room. Here they are!:
 I made the rest of my name too but this is anonymous so you just get to see the G!

 I made this one to remind me that that's why I'm here-to learn! It hangs above the bed where I sit and learn all of my Anatomy flashcards. This is actually not one of my favorites, I'm not totally digging the colors.

 Love this! I put it on my window and when the sun shines through it it look so pretty!

 This one is my very favorite, it's on the wall beside my bed.

 This one is on my door. I've always loved blue and yellow together, it reminds me of summer.

 What you're seeing here is a very messy desk! But I made the rainbow banner to keep my cheery while I do work. It's not mosaic like the rest but it's still fun.

I like to make words out of them too, Go Lucy Go!! I just made this sign the other day. 

So...yeah, that's pretty much it. I usually use three colors per piece and I think I have the most fun picking them out. I love to see what looks good together and try to avoid what doesn't.
 Thanks for stopping by!


I'm Crying...

Out of pure JOY!!!

Praise God!! I got an A on my Anatomy and Physiology midterm!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Time is Flying!

First off, I want to add one thing about my post yesterday: the pain that I endured was NOTHING compared to what some children have to go through. I cannot complain or feel sorry for myself when their are children suffering each and every day from cancer or other horrible diseases. Yesterday was infant loss awareness day. My favorite family lost their precious little boy just a few days after he was born. I know they miss him so much but it is so good to know that they will be reunited in Heaven one day.

Anyway, I can't believe it is already half way through October. Time is really going by so quickly. Before I know it it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Right now, I'll focus on Halloween. I'm going to be at school for that of course and I don't think that I'll really have any way to celebrate. I'm sure there will be countless wild parties going on but that's not really my thing :). Furthermore, I'll be content with sitting in my room and eating candy while possibly watching a scary movie. Or maybe just Law and Order.

I had my early lab this morning and I got back some quizzes and my midterm. I got a 92 on one quiz and an 80 on the other. On my midterm I got a 78...I would be a bit down about his but the class average was a 73 so...I's say I did alright! Like 7 people had to drop the class because they failed. At least I didn't fail.

I only have Jazz class today left and it's just going to be a review for our midterm on Thursday. I actually get to wear something other than spandex! For the rest of the day I'll be making Jazz and Anatomy flash cards. Even though I don't have another test in A&P until next month I really have to keep up or I'll fall behind.

Tonight is Bible study, which is always fun. I really like the group of people, I just wish I could make some close friends there.

Well, that's all I've got for today.


Monday, October 15, 2012

My Journey With Scoliosis

I've been in a weird mood today. I didn't feel all that well and I was really stressed out about my statistics exam.

I've been meaning to write a post about my back and was planning on doing so on November 8th, the 6 1/2 year anniversary of my surgery. Obviously May 8th would have been ideal but I was on a blogging break then and I didn't want to wait for this coming May. I guess today I just feel like writing about it.

When I was 10 my parents found out I had scoliosis. My curve was already fairly bad and they didn't think they would be able to correct it with a brace so for a few years they followed it. During this time I rejected all doctors, I was rude, I ran away from offices, I didn't want to talk about it at all. I had countless x-rays. Finally, the winter when I was 11 they set a date for surgery. May 8th 2006. Right after my 12th birthday. Honestly, I didn't think about it, I wasn't really scared because I didn't understand what it was going to be like. I love my parents to death but I'm not sure that they did the best job of preparing me for what was to come. I met with a Child Life Specialist (what I want to be!) but I didn't grasp the severity of what was about to happen.

I had an anxiety attack the night before surgery, I felt like I couldn't breath. My mom stayed in my bed until I finally fell asleep. I went to the hospital really early in the morning, I put on the gown, braved the IV and waited in the pre-op room with my parents. I'll never forget the baby next to me, she was there alone.

Just before they wheeled me away, a nurse said she was going to inject something into my IV to help me relax. I was confused, I had previously told my parents that I did not want anything like that. The last thing I remember was trying to tell the nurse "no". I don't remember saying goodbye to my mom and dad. To this day, that still kills me.

I was in surgery for 12 hours. My spine was fused with a titanium rod from my thoracic to lumbar region, the majority of my spine. They tried to collapse my lung but I couldn't tolerate it and it filled with fluid. They put in a chest tube.

When I woke up I remember being in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) and throwing up a little from the anesthesia. I remember my ID band being really tight on my wrist, before surgery it had been really loose. Apparently I was very swelled up with fluid. My next memory is being wheeled to a regular room, I was confused and trying to crane my neck to see my mom behind the bed.

Everything was much more clear after a few days. I wasn't in much pain but I was very uncomfortable. I had to have breathing treatments every few hours, even at night. My older sister came to visit, I just felt off and didn't really enjoy anything. I got angry when they made me take a walk. I remember feeling like I was going to fall apart every time I stood. C came to visit me and brought gummy bears. My favorite. I was happy to see her, she brought me more Mylar balloons. I had so many, a lot of them were orange. My favorite color at the time.

One night I had a bad dream about being on a cruise ship and my mom hitting her head. I woke her up because I was so scared and confused.

I got allergic to the bandages on my back and had the MOST itchy rash in the whole world. I was told that my back looked like it had been burned. My mom spent hours scratching around the bandages.

A nurse came to draw my blood every day. Three times she got blood on my fuzzy blanket, she was foreign and said that some "Padoxide" (peroxide) would get it right out. That very blanket is laying on the bed next to me.

Finally, it was almost time for me to come home. On my last night they were trying to ween me off of morphine but one of the nurses didn't get the memo and gave it to me anyway, on top of another pain killer. I was really loopy and made up rap songs! My family will never let me forget it! That last night I woke up at 3 am and my mom and I watched Herby Fully Loaded.

The day I came home was mothers day, I had made my mom a card at school and brought it with me to the hospital. I think she was really touched.

Coming home was really hard. I had trouble sleeping and I couldn't swallow pills so my mom had to crush up my pills and put them in jelly. I had lost a lot of weight, I think I was probably somewhere around 50 pounds at 12 years old. The perkoset I was taking gave me awful dreams that were so realistic. It made it hard for me to wake up. I had to have a tutor because I couldn't return to school. Sitting for lengthy amounts of time was painful.

I'll never forget crying to my mom because I just wanted to feel "normal again", I didn't feel like myself. I was depressed for awhile, it's weird to think of a 12 year old being depressed but I really was and it was the hardest time I ever went through.

I'll never forget the day that things finally started looking up. It was my sisters last day of school and she got home early. My favorite Grandma, Grandma R was staying with me while my parents were at work and all three of us went to the mall. My Grandma refused to get me a wheelchair because she  knew I was strong enough to walk. I love her so much! Before we left I stopped at a kiosk that was selling Webkinz, at the time they were unknown. I bought one and my Grandma chuckled because she said that fads like that never last. Webkinz ended up catching on and lasting a good 3 years!!

The whole experience as hard, it was hard going from a girl who was doing flips to a girl who couldn't even do a cartwheel. It was hard to feel so out of touch with my own body. It was hard not being able to have my back scratched anymore (my favorite thing) because it was numb. It's hard having a long scar on your back, one on your side (from chest tube) and three little ones on your hands from IV's. Sometimes it gives me the creeps to think of having titanium inside me, but it "straightened" me out so I can't really complain.

For a long time I felt like the "dud" of the family. I was short, I had eye problems, back problems, bowed legs...I was very insecure. I am proud to say that with God, I have overcome these issues. Do I wish I never had to have had surgery?? YES! Do I wish that I was still flexible and able to have my back touched without flinching? Yep. But am I angry that this happened? NO!! I am closer to my mom because of it and I think that my positive experience with all of my nurses, respiratory therapists and doctors (once I learned to like them) influenced me to want a career in the medical feild.

I know that I have had this experience for a reason and I am thankful that God believed I was strong enough to handle it.

I'd say I came out alright!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday Musings

I'm sitting at my desk watching Law and Order SVU (the best type of L&O). I stayed at school this weekend and although it was BORING it was alright, I didn't go crazy like last time.

What does this week hold for me? Well, one statistics exam and a dance midterm. Fun stuff. I really hope I do well on stats, I'm still anxiously awaiting my midterm grade in Anatomy. Oh I am so nervous.

Hmmm, what else?? OH!!!! Taylor Swifts new album comes out in 8 days! I am beyond excited. I absolutely LOVE T-Swift. Not only is she a totally cool person, her music can range from upbeat-dance-around-the-room to cry-my-eyes out.
Here's an example of each:

 I really dislike this music video, but I love the song.

I cry every time I hear this

So basically, Taylor is one of my favorite celebrities. She's down to earth and so kind. I cannot wait for her new album....cannot wait. 

At risk of this post becoming all about Taylor Swift, I will now change the subject. 

To what? I got nothing. 
Happy Sunday!


Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Dorm Decor!

Well...I don't exactly have a home to decorate but I do have a dorm room that is a blank canvas! I do "art" after I'm done with homework or studying, it's a way of unwinding and even though I'm not an artist or anything, I love to make things! These fall decorations kept me occupied for the past week or so:
 I printed these leaves out from the internet, it took me FOREVER to color them all and cut them out. But it was so much fun trying to make them look real.

 Fun little Jack-o-Lanterns. Some of them actually scare me a little bit!

 I drew this on my white board for all to see.

 Friendly ghost, I free handed this one and it came out pretty nice. This is on my bureau.

I also put a pumpkin on my mirror, I realized that I couldn't really take a picture of it without putting myself in there too and since this blog is anonymous I had to take it at this weird angle. Sorry folks!

Anyway, I know I'm not the next Picaso or anything but I like the room to feel festive and homey. 
Hope you are enjoying your fall season! 


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Flashing Those Flashcards

Oh yes...
My life is currently being taken over by my Anatomy and Physiology flashcards. I have been studying nonstop for my midterm tomorrow. I pray that I do well. I just have to do well!  There's so much to know though, four chapters to be exact. I must have at least 400 of these cards yet the Professor said the test will have a grand total of 40 questions. Geez. I'm probably over doing it but I don't want to leave anything out!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

100th Blog Post! (Why I Write Part Three)

Well, I have been trying to come up for a creative way to celebrate my 100th post for weeks. Nada. I thought maybe I could do 100 facts about myself but I'm betting that by number 40 I'd have things like "I once had a hermit crab" or "I have socks with owls on them". I just don't have 100 interesting facts about myself. Sorry folks.

SO, in honor of this momentous occasion I want to continue my little miniseries on why I write. The first and second posts can be found here.

I write because it helps. 

What does it help? Hhmm, a variety of things. It helps me deal with emotions I am having or record memories that I want to remember forever. It helps me feel like I am documenting this very important time in my life, it helps put things into perspective.

Obviously I have had a few posts where I am just using this blog as a place to vent, writing about my problems really does help. I also love to look back and angry or sad things I've written and think of how far I've come or what I have overcome. I think it's important that I will someday have this blog to look back at and see all that I have gone through and that I've (God willing) come out alright.

This is also a place where I can express such joy! I have written posts where I am smiling the whole time. Just as it is important for me to remember my trials, it is also important to remember my victories and the simple but awesome happenings that have brought me happiness. I have so much to be thankful for and I hope that that comes across in my writing. I never want the bad to overshadow the good because at the end of the day I am a very blessed girl. God has given me so much that I do not deserve.

I write because I love the community aspect of blogging. I faithfully follow four blogs (never more or less because then it gets to time consuming!) and it has really been great "getting to know" these women and their families and friends. I pray for their requests and I have posted a few of my own. Recently I had another blogger tell me that she was praying for me and so were many people she knew! How good it makes me feel to hear that!

I write because it is my journal and my way of remembering things. I am the MOST sentimental person you will ever come across. I remember little moments, little details and am constantly thinking about memories and time. Nothing will make me happier in ten or twenty years than having this blog to look back on. I'll laugh at the hilarious jazz classes I took and probably cry about the simple memories that I can never relive but cherish.

I just want to say thank you to anyone and everyone who has ever read this blog. Blogging has really been nothing but a great experience for me and I know that it will continue to be! Here's to the next 100 posts!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Where My Heart Is

I have been spending the past few weeks debating what I actually want to do with my life. I was originally going to try majoring in Nursing but I don't know if that's what I'm meant to do. Basically, I think that I want to be a Child Life Specialist. If you don't know much about CLS, you can find out more here. One thing stays constant in these two careers: I want to work with kids with cancer.

I know it is one of the, if not the toughest, situations imaginable but I have been seriously touched by stories like Ronan's and Lucy's. Kids dying of cancer is NOT ok, kids having to deal with cancer at all is NOT ok. I am not equipped with the mind power to try and cure this ugly disease but I know that I have the compassion and love to help kids fight as long as they have to.

This is where my heart is. I know that with all of my being and I will not give up this desire to help these precious children.

I won't.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Knocked Down

I have been a world class dunce. Period.

I failed to check my online class page in Anatomy and therefore missed three homeworks. I don't know why I didn't check, I just forgot and the teacher didn't remind us, which isn't her fault. I'm responsible for myself here, and I've been doing a bad job apparently. I'm so discouraged. I feel like now I'll fail the class. I hate that this happened because normally I would never have missed those homeworks.

Gahh, I'm so mad and frustrated with myself. Sometimes I just feel like I can never do anything right.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What I Will Remember About September

A little late, but here is my monthly recap:

In September I...

Adjusted to campus life

Began a mail correspondence with my sister M (writing letters is a lost art, I tell you)

Read (only) two books

Began my small group Bible study

Celebrated C's 17th birthday

Honored those lost on 9/11

Ate a lot of Raisin Bran Crunch

Learned all the bones in the human body 

Got an A on my first college paper!

Tried hard to make friends and get involved 

Here's to October, may you bring fun and excitement!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Hangin' With My Homegirls

Sooooo, M (older sister) came to get me Friday afternoon so that I could go to the doctor. We headed straight to the office from school and were late none the less. Sheesh.

I was nervous as I stepped on the scale for the mandatory weight check. I figured I'd put on a few pounds, I've been eating terrible at school. Healthy food just isn't an option here. So...I gained four freaking pounds. What???? Four pounds in a month! I'm giving up sweets. Period.

Anyway, the doctor gave me an antibiotic to kill off whatever infection had caused the wheezing and steroids to get rid of the inflammation in my lungs. He also instructed me to use my inhaler for a week or so.

That evening my younger sister and a friend went to the high school football game and my dad was at work. So my mom, M and I watched a movie together. It was this independent movie called Garden State with Zach Braff (Scrubs) and Natalie Portman. It was funny and somewhat intense but my good time was interrupted when my antibiotic gave me intense stomach pains. I later realized that that was a possible side effect.

Saturday my mom had to work until 7:30 so we were going to go with my dad to pick apples. But then C stopped over and we had a surprise reunion because she didn't know I was home and I didn't know that she was coming over. Fun fun, but she was in a rush because she was going to school to make Homecoming posters. So what did I do?? Tag along! She invited me, I promise.

My poster didn't come out as great as C's and her friends. I'm not a terrible artist, I can draw worth something but my block letters leave a little to be desired without a ruler.

When I got home I did some homework until my dad and sisters got back and then we decided to go visit my favorite uncle. Why? So he could drop off the check for the VACATION HOUSE THAT WE'RE GOING TO THIS SUMMER! Yep, that's right, my family and my dad's siblings families and hopefully my grandma will all be vacationing in a huge beach house in Summer 2013! I am beyond excited.

Anywho...we hung out at my uncles for a bit, he lives on a big property and he (and my aunt) are having a barn built. We've managed to convince them to have a big Halloween costume party later this month! More excitement, can you take it???

I had to get back home because my OTHER best friend L was back from her college for the weekend and she was coming over. I love my girl L, she makes me laugh like no other and my last two years of high school were a blast thanks to her. By the time she came over my entire family came back soon after, we all ate dinner together. We played board games and ate pumpkin pie. I went to sleep with a happy, happy heart.

Sunday! I woke up early so I could watch this Shirley Temple life story movie with M, we love with particular movie and order it from the library every few years.

I had to stay home from Church to study. I learned a bunch of bones (now I know them all). When my family got back we planned a nice dinner and went to an nearby park to walk around. It was such a nice day that I didn't even mind getting a bit lost with my dad and M and having to walk twice as far back to the car. When we got home my dad made dinner while my mom and M and I took our dog on a walk. The community playground was deserted (and it's fenced in) so we unhooked our pup and let her run free! It was hilarious. 

That night we all ate dinner at the dining room table. Then my sisters and dad watched their TV show and I studied while my mom read up in her room. I love my family so so much. 
I got to sleep in my bed last night and my mom took me back to school realllly early this morning. 

So there it is, my weekend of hanging with people I love. My dad included, even though he's obviously not a homegirl. 

Happy Monday!