Thursday, September 6, 2012

Why Wearing Leotard Doesn't Actually Make You a Better Dancer

That title isn't entirely curate because in addition to that leotard I was also wearing tights and jazz shoes, folks. But that would make the title into a giant run on sentence and we can't have that.

Anywayyyyyy, I arrived at Jazz class feeling like the real deal. We began again with stretching, I think I may be getting more flexible after all. I didn't even break a sweat until the lunges! But those crunches got me again, so much so that it must have been obvious of my struggle because the teacher came over and told me to relax. I relaxed as much as I could for a girl about to have a heart attack. I felt good about myself while doing to push-ups because I've always had good upper body strength, my self esteem rose a good point. But....then it went down again after I realized that a stretch I had thought I was good at was actually being done wrong and I was very bad at it after all.

I was glad to move onto floor mercerizes (like that lingo???) but I bit dismayed when my other half of The Little Couple was not there. I guess we're in a trial separation only she never consulted me first. Oh well. I paired up with this girl who I had previously thought was stand-offish but then I realized that I had unfairly judged her because she looks like this girl from high school who I couldn't stand. Well, HighSchoolLookAlike is actually very very good at dancing. So next to her I didn't look so hot, I mean my dancing didn't look so hot, I actually looked pretty happening with my leotard and sweaty face. The girl behind me smelled like frozen yogurt which was also a plus.

Did I mention we have a live drummer? Well we do and although at first the beat sounds like a friendly poetry reading, by mid-point it begins to sound like a tribal death march. Or maybe that music they play in Survivor when the contestants are on their way to tribal council. I would totally get voted off the Dance Island.

Back to the fun on the floor. After we did toe point things the teacher showed us a new move where we swing our hips. Did she say hips??? Finally! Something I can do!! I swung my hips like it was nobody's business! And pretty soon the class was over.

I may not be a star student but at least I looked the part.


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