Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Being an Eskimo

My room is freezing. Honestly my hands are like ice and my feet are even worse. I'm still wearing my dance tights with socks underneath them and they are literally numb. I'm wearing, two long sleeve shirts and jeans along with my sock/tights combination. I also have a blanket. They clearly haven't turned the heat on here and it is killing me. Ah, college life. It may be making my sick actually.

Time out. Jessica Simpson is advocating for Weight Watchers on my TV. Good Lord, you'd think that anyone can read a teleprompter. Obviously not.

Anyway, I may be getting sick because my wheeze is back and it hurts when I take a deep breath. Also, on a complete (but equally painful) unrelated note I have a mean pimple on my chin. These are things that clearly must become public information.

But back to to me freezing my tuckus off. The hand that I am typing with probably has hypothermia right now. I think that maybe I should stop now and build a fire to warm it up.

Oh wait...


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