Friday, September 14, 2012

I Don't Know...

If it's selfish to make this prayer request about me instead of someone I know. There's really a lot that I could ask you to pray for but right now I have something weighing on me that needs prayer the most.

I'm away at college and it's my third week. I'm having some trouble with homesickness and I really just want to make friends. But that's not what I am asking for prayers about.

If you are new here than you don't know the trouble with my eyes. They are very unique and there was a time when I was very little that my doctor thought I might eventually go blind. Of course, that theory was wrong but over the past few weeks or so I've noticed some troubling symptoms that are sort of freaking me out. In the center vision of my left eye (the eye I use the most) it is sort of foggy. I've researched this and it could be because of a pucker in my retina or it could be something much worse. I'm scared to death that I might be slowly losing my eyesight. Adding insult to injury is the fact that I'm alone here at school and I feel like I have no one to talk to about it so it's kind of eating away at me.

Please pray that this issue is being caused by something minor. I have an appointment coming up so please also pray for wisdom for the doctors as they try to figure it out. Please pray for my peace as I struggle with worry.

Thank you so much, it is very appreciated.


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