Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day of Fun??


My friend K and I were going to have a day of fun here. It would have been both of our first weekends here since we moved in. We were going to rock climb, bowl and watch a movie. Then I got a text this morning that she had to go home. I asked her why and she said she would explain it to me tomorrow and that it was a long story.

I'm not really annoyed with her, I just have absolutely nothing to do now. I mean nothing. Nothing. I'm so bored here alone. I just surf the web, watch TV and eat. I'm sick of it already and the day is only half done. I wish it would be nighttime so I could go to sleep and wake up and have it be a new day. It is so beautiful outside but there is no way for me to enjoy it. I could take a walk, but where? A few laps around my building?

My family is going to a chalk festival today. I would have liked to have come but I really did want to spend a weekend away because I thought it would be good for me. I might loose my mind though, it's like solitary confinement seriously. I hate being alone right now, it's the most awful feeling to just sit in this room all day with NOTHING TO DO.

I guess I'll wrap some tape around my hands and collect all of my hair that has fallen out. I shed madly and my hair is literally everywhere. 

Send help.


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