Saturday, September 8, 2012

[A List]

  1. I bought a pair of Tom's today. For those of you who don't know, Tom's are these fairly plain slip-on shoes and when you buy a pair, the company donates a pair of shoes to a child in Africa. I like that they're stable shoes, which I don't have a lot of. The added plus is that they help others. 
  2. I also bought a some new shorts for my Jazz class today. All the girls have these black stretchy shorts from Pink to go over their leotards. Well, I think that Pink is ridiculously overpriced and overrated so I got mine at American Eagle instead. 
  3. Tonight it C's birthday party!! I got her this engraved pen (she's a writer too) and a hilarious Justine Beiber musical card as a joke. I love giving gifts more than I like receiving them. 
  4. Last night I watched an old episode of Boy Meets World with my mom and younger sister E. I got emotional, that show gets me every time. 
  5. I'm currently eating sweet potato fries. Yum. 
  6. People everywhere remind me of characters on Parenthood. This may be a sign that I'm watching it too much, or it may not be. Who knows. 
  7. Oh, I'm home by the way. Forgot to mention that I came home again this weekend for C's partayyy. 
  8. Hmmmm....I'm going back tomorrow and most likely to a Church service with my RA. I'm kind of nervous but I do want to sign up for a small group study on campus. 
  9. I had a slew of weird dreams last night. In one of them I was back at work at the hospital only no one recognized me and in another I was in some sort of prep school trying to take a class picture. 
  10. I'm reading Perks of Being a Wallflower and it is really good so far. I want to finish it tomorrow.
The End. Ha. Not really.


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