Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Edited to add:  I am using this post for a Friday blog party, the prompt is "Favorite Summer Outing". I know this isn't a vacation or anything but it meant a lot to me so here it is!

Well, I was planning to write my Olympic coverage for the all around but I don't really feel like it right now to be honest. I'll do it, but not tonight!

I know it's probably not very interesting to read these  day to day events posts. But I guess I'm writing this blog about things that I want to remember.

Anyway, I had a really pleasant evening. It was just the perfect summer night. We went to my Aunt C and Uncle D's (favorite aunt and uncle) house for pasta and my favorite grandma and my other uncle were there. I'm really close with my dads side of the family so it's always nice to see them. We sat around outside and talked about the Olympics (why'd I bring that up again??) and laughed hysterically about dreams that we've had. I love them all so much, I feel so blessed that God gave me this amazing family that I wouldn't trade or change for anything. They mean so much to me and they're the reason that I turned out the way I did. How many 18 year old's can say that?

I guess I just wanted to remember this night, when I sat around the black metal table in my Uncle backyard and hung out with my family. I want to remember the amazement on my grandmas face as I took a picture of her with my ipad. I want to remember how we were going to sit "wherever we wanted" but somehow all ended up in the same place. I even want to remember how both my Uncle D and I have the same reoccurring dream of being naked in public. To remember how we all marveled over how nice the weather was. To remember how we started talking about things to come like a Halloween party and our (hopefully) beach vacation in summer 2013.

This stuff is like gold to me, I treasure it, guard it and keep it forever so that years from now I'll be able to look back and think "That was so awesome and haven't we come so far? Hasn't time flown?"

Here's to memories, here's to family.


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