Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Olympics Part Four: Event Finals

I'll go in order:

I might have this exact same expression if I were in her position. 

I had high hopes as I watched the event final for vault. I watched with ease as the other gymnasts performed their routines and sat at the edge of my seat (couch) when McKayla did hers Her first one was very good, not near perfect like during team finals, but still very good overall. All she had to do was land her second one and she would surely take gold. Alas, I cringed as she sat down on her landing and was bumped into silver. Honestly, I can't imagine a bigger disappointment, everyone thought she had the gold in the bag and a simple but catastrophic mistake put her out of the running. Romanian gymnast Izbasa took gold while Maroney took silver. She did her interviews with grace and other than the above small display of displeasure, she really was a trooper. I hope wholeheartedly that she is back in 2016 because she truly is the best in show as far as the vault goes and she deserves a gold!

Despite her winning streak and talent, Gabby cannot match her previous performances on bars.

I was really hoping that Gabby would do well on bars, after all it is the event that earned her her nickname. But although "The Flying Squirrel" seemed to be in good form at first, her handstand mishap caused her a slew of deductions. Not to mention that her routine wasn't as difficult as her competitors, meaning she had to be near perfect to place. Aliya Mustafina was near perfect and she won gold. Now I'll be honest, I'm not a huge Mustafina fan, it's pretty obvious that she does indeed posses a "challenging character" that in simple terms means she is somewhat of a brat. But I am always happy for the winners, no matter who they are so, you go Aliya! 

Clinging on for dear life 

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I really wanted Gabby to do well on the beam. Her downfall on the bars was hard to watch and I was ready for a rebound. Unfortunately, Douglas could not match her past routines and fell of of the beam. But, in an exciting twist of events...this happened:

Aly Raisman on beam during event finals 

Aly's routine was not as difficult and clean as China's but with the exception of one tiny balance check and a hop on the landing, it was pretty darn good! Still, the judges score was way below what anyone though it would be and the audience demanded an inquiry be filed, it was stressful to watch 
 Aly's couch fill out the sheet in a quick rush but so worth it when this happened: 

 Aly Raisman wins bronze on the beam! 

It was sad to see Catalina Ponor knocked out of the running for a medal. She really is a veteran gymnast an it shows in her confidence and grace. But I rejoiced with Aly and smiled as her parents became overcome with happiness as they saw the changed score. 


I felt like something was off with Jordyn Wieber all throughout her floor routine, it was obvious that her heart wasn't in it and her body wasn't really either, literally as she did step out of bounds. (Little joke there). Jordyn was clearly not in the running for a medal so my hopes were once again set on Aly. I was not disappointed! Aly's routine was perfect! Her first tumbling pass included the back tuck that she had previously taken out during team and all around. She nailed it! Her song had the crowd totally memorized. It really was no contest, Aly won gold and she deserved it. I was so happy for her. 

Aly Riasman wins USA;s final gold in gymnastics in London


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