Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics and the Beach

 USA wins gold in team gymnastics!

Wow! Can I just say that I have never been more immersed in the Olympics as I am this year? I know all the gymnasts names, backgrounds and strengths and weaknesses. I got to watch the team competition yesterday morning and my whole family was on the edge of their seats. We started off so strong on the vault, especially McKayla Maroney! If she doesn't win gold tonight then I will be very surprised, her vault was as near perfect as I've ever seen. And to stick the landing just made it a superstar performance! When we moved on to the uneven bars, which I love to watch. Aly Raisman and Kyla Ross both gave very solid performances. I love Kyla Ross's technique and execution, she has a sort of soft grace and she seems more light on her feet than the others. Raisman of course, is a very powerful gymnast! Gabby Douglas, finished things up with her famous height that she achieves, thus dubbing her the "Flying Squirrel".

Beam always makes me nervous but there were no hiccups like during qualifying. Weiber delivered a standout performance and Kyla and Gabby were mostly smooth as the executed more than a few difficult tumbling passes. Finally, the floor proved to be a huge win for the US, Weiber, Raisman and Douglas totally dominated! I was so happy when the score board revealed our victory. These girls seem so nice and dedicated that it was huge to see their work pay off.


After the excitement of the Olympics my family packed up and headed to the beach. It wasn't crowded and the water was nice and warm. I swam for awhile with my sisters and laid out in the sun for awhile. I adore the beach, it always makes me feel calm and peaceful. Truly an example of God's beautiful creation.

Oh, and I got called off for work again today! It must be reaaalllly slow at the hospital. I'm supposed to work tomorrow too, I doubt I'll get called off 3 days in a row.

I have to tape tonight's all around womens final in gymnastics too because I have to go to bed early. I am praying that no one spoils it for me at work. I just hope that USA comes out on top again!


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