Thursday, August 16, 2012


Well, I did it. I got my hair cut.

Ok, I got my end trimmed and side bangs. I really wasn't ready to cut it all off, I'm going to wait until I'm settled in at college. Ever since the Hair Debacle of 2010 I vowed that I would not cut my hair for a very very long time. Two years later that mission is officially achieved. Furthermore my hair is reaaaaally long. I do like it that way but after I got back from the salon something weird happened...

I started to wish that I'd just gone ahead and cut a good 6-8 inches off. I was actually annoyed with my long hair. I felt like it was overtaking my body and my face. It was so odd because I've been loving it all summer. Maybe I was feeling like I should start fresh?? I don't know, I mean it really has been a comfort to have long hair, it's always there and represents years of growth. I'm not going to go and get it cut tomorrow but I'm definitely thinking it will be sometime this fall.  If I do get it cut I really want to donate it. I've donated my hair 3 times so far and it's been a cool experience to know that your hair is going to benefit people in need. It makes it a lot less vain you know? And a double plus is that a haircut is free if you donate, which is good because I paid waaaayyy too much for my tiny haircut yesterday.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing. Excuse me while I go brush my new bangs away fro my eyes.


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