Saturday, August 4, 2012

Funny Summer Day

Yesterday was a weird/funny day all around. It started out when I woke up at 6 for my 7 o'clock shift at work. When I got to the hospital I was told that I "wasn't on the schedule", even though I have it in writing that I was! So they said I could leave but I didn't want to go home. Why? Because quite frankly the only thing to do around there at 7 in the morning is sleep and I wouldn't be able to because I was wide awake. Also I was in possession of a car, which made things pretty tempting.

First I went down to the hospital cafeteria and bought breakfast. A smoothie, a muffin and a doughnut. Whoa, did I go crazy or what?? When I was done eating I decided to be dangerous. Apparently my idea of living on the edge is driving around for an hour trying to find a grocery store that sells the newest People magazine. Finally, at 8:30, success!! I bought the prize magazine and headed to a local coffee shop to curl up on an armchair and read. I had also brought the book I was currently reading (Bossypants by, Tina Fey) and ended up finishing that too. I was really on a roll folks.

It was almost 10 by that point so I loitered around a shopping center. I stopped at a clothing store and a bookstore. At last I had the brilliant and rebellious idea to go to the library and use their free internet. Score! I played around surfed the web until 11 when my hospital shift was officially over, so I headed home. But, surprise, halfway down my street I get a text message (no I wasn't texting while driving, I was at a stop sign, ok??) from my mom, who also works at the hospital, saying where to meet her for lunch. Oops, i had forgotten our tentative plans. So I sped (not really) back to the hospital, found a coveted spot in the visitors parking lot and raced inside to my mommy. Now, remember that the whole world thought I was at work. She asked if I had already made it to my car when I got the message and I said yes. I could have just told her that I spent the morning being a rebel but I was just the tiniest bit embarrassed. So you, dear reader, are the only one who knows what I truly did yesterday from 7-11 am.

After lunch I headed out to pick up my younger sister, when I got home from my long shift *wink, wink* I decided to go o the public pool and my sisters wanted to go too, We had fun swimming for the first swim period and then the dramatics began. While we were resting on the pool chairs a group of middle school girls kept staring at us so I waved at them. Then when they walked by staring I waved at them again. When we got back in the water they swam by us and chanted "Elf, Troll and Donkey" I'm guessing that I was the troll in this situation because I was wearing my sexy braids. My older sister M was elf, because well, her ears stick out when her hair is wet and I guess my younger sister E was donkey because she...I really didn't get that one. Anyway, they kept plotting against us and swimming by and splashing us me and calling E a scardey cat for swimming away and M a show off for doing somersaults under water. Ahhh, the perks of having your own fan club.

Oh, and then a gaggle of boys that I vaguely knew from high school kept chanting my name and saying that one of them "likes me". Sheesh, can a girl just have some peace???

When we finally left, after I bid a high pitched "Bye Girls!" to our fans, we went home and relaxed for the rest of the evening. That night we watched the Olympic all around finals, which I will post about later.

All in all it was an entertaining and memorable day! I love having these memories.


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