Friday, August 10, 2012

Another List....???

Yes, I think so.

  1. I spent the majority of my shift at the hospital reading Catching Fire (2nd Hunger Games book). 
  2. I have not bought ANYTHING for college yet. 
  3. I went and saw a sample dorm room for the building I'm assigned to yesterday. I actually really liked it, lots of space to decorate with all the stuff I got will get. 
  4. I'm slightly panicked that I may not be accomplishing the majority of my summer goals. Specifically eating healthy. Despite the fact that my family eats/buys all organic food and has never yields more than Newman O's for our pantry...I like ice cream, ok?? And we happen to live near more than a few shops. Alas, I must cut back before I tip the scale at 90 pounds. 
  5. For all of you who are now worried that I am anorexic, please know that the only reason I weight 87 pounds is because I am VERY short and petite. I promise you that I eat, a lot. 
  6. In fact I am currently planning what I will eat tonight at my aunts birthday bash. 
  7. Pizza, artichoke dip, cake...the three layer Mexican dip. Lays chips, m&m's.....
  8. I only have 3 more days of work! Yahoo! They keep alluding to the fact that they want me to work during holiday, heck no! Ha, I'll have to break that news to them soon. 
  9. My sister has promised me that we will watch one of my favorite movies (Where the Heart Is) , she is not excited. I really am. 
  10. And...sweet number ten. Hmmmm, what to put here. Ok, this: 
 Best. Movie. Ever. 


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