Wednesday, July 25, 2012

List It

  1. Because my thoughts are so jumbled I'm going to make a list
  2. I got an e-mail saying that my college bill is ready but I can't bring myself to tell my dad, who has been asking about it for weeks, I'll tell him tomorrow. You know, when I'm ready to think about all this stuff. 
  3. I enjoyed my day at the amusement park, especially the part when the I played the age, weight or birthday guessing game and the lady guessed I was 20 pounds heavier than I actually am. 
  4. I may possibly be getting a cold, I HATE colds as you may already have gathered. But the way 'm feeling could also be attributed to the yelling at the loud park yesterday and going to bed with wet hair. 
  5. I'm babysitting for my favorite family ever tonight. 
  6. If July is the "safezone" why don't I feel safe??? 
  7. Dance Moms is on a 2 week hiatus. "Sniffles" 
  8. I'm working Thursday and Friday, 4 hour shifts. No biggie. 
  9. I'm still in a hair cutting dilemma. My good friend just got her hair cut and donated it. I've donated mine 3 times and the last time I really regretted getting it cut so short. But it's such a great cause and I feel sort of obligated. 
  10. Dramamine really came in handy yesterday. I get motion sickness usually but I was able to ride with little to no discomfort! Wooho

Ha, not really.



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