Thursday, July 5, 2012

Curse You Vera Bradley Catalog!

I was laying on the couch, reading some VBS info and minding my own business, when my sister tosses me the latest Vera Bradley catalog. Guess what is on the cover??? THIS:

                                                                         Oh the horror

Now what is this, you ask? It's a bit more than just a few flaky girls trying to kiss a very loaded down prep school boy. What is it actually then? Look closely at the books, the purses. You'll see that this, my dear reader is an advertisement for SCHOOL SUPPLIES.

July 5th

July 5th

I begin to expect this type of thing toward the end of July but not ever at the very beginning! July is supposed to be the Safe-zone!! This is not safe! Who said it was okay to send these types of mail to unsuspecting girls innocently resting on their couches??

Honestly I don't even want to think about school right now, college is a source of immense stress that will eat me alive if I let it. Sometimes I literally feel as if I'm heading toward me death. I am so scared, of the unknown, of the known...of EVERYTHING.

These types of advertisements send me clear over the edge, my heart begins to race and my head fills with worries. I just want it all to go away. But alas, it will not, it will only get worse. Oh please Lord, give me strength.

And to Vera, I love your items. I have the laptop skin and shoulder bag as well as a pencil case, all thoughtfully designed by you. But please think twice before you give another girl a near-heart attack with your July Back-to-School campaign.


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