Friday, July 13, 2012

Alright, I'll Say It


This whole week has been VBS from 9-12 (no sleeping in there!) and we have been taking my 3 cousins so afterward we are in charge of watching them for a little while. I also worked every other afternoon for the past 3 weeks. I babysat Monday night, I'm babysitting Friday night. I picked up an 8 hours shift yesterday and didn't get to sleep until midnight. Today I have VBS (last day :() till 12, some nice free time and then babysitting until 9:30 then back up Saturday morning for a 7-11 work shift. I am also madly trying to switch around two of my days so that I can go to a baseball game with my family on one day and babysit on the other (I committed to the day before checking my work schedule...stupid me) AHHHHHHHH typing it out makes me crazy.

But there is hope.

Because Saturday is my last work day before vacation! Yeehaw!

I'm taking a deep breath, putting on my big girl panties and praying for a good attitude for these next 27 hours.


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