Wednesday, November 23, 2011


So tomorrow is thanksgiving and around this time most people reflect on all of the things they are thankful for.

Here is what I am thankful for this year:

  • I am thankful for my parents. I am seriously convinced that I have been blessed with the best parents in the world. They love my sisters and I unconditionally and they will do anything for us. Both of them work so hard to provide for us and even when they are tired or stressed they always make time for us. I love them more than words can express. 
  • I am thankful for my sisters. My older sister is my built in best friend and we do so much together, she is always there for me and gives me well thought out advice. My younger sister looks up to me so much, even though we get along sometimes deep down I know that we both love each other deeply. I can't believe how much she has grown up this year, she is taller than me now!
  • I am thankful for my school. The teachers there are so willing to help me out when I don't understand something and some of them I even consider to be my friends. I used to detest going to school but as I got older I began to appreciate just how blessed I am to have such a great school. 
  • I am thankful for my house. I have lived here my entire life and I couldn't imagine it any other way. I love out fireplace that my dad made himself, I love our cozy rugs and couches. I adore my new bedroom and all of the new furniture I have in it. Most of all I love how familiar everything in my house is. I have memories in this house from the time I could remember at all. My first memory is of me throwing my stuffed animal out of my crib in the room that is now the guest room. I can recall having my diaper changed in the living room and I remember eat lunch after kindergarten on our kitchen table. 
  • I am thankful for my church and church family. I love my church so much, I feel so comfortable and safe there surrounded by people who love God and who support me. I adore Sundays because I get to go to service and sing my heart out to worship songs followed by listening to an awesome message. 
  • Most of all I am thankful for GOD. The LORD almighty who allows me to live and breath, who has given me all of these blessings and who takes enormous weights off my chest every day. When I am worried or upset or scared I know I can give it to GOD who can carry any burden that I can't handle. I don't know what I would do without my faith, it has given me strength and comfort when I need it most. 
Happy Thanksgiving everyone! What are you thankful for??


Saturday, November 19, 2011

And the Ball Gets Rolling

I got my first college acceptance letter today! Yeehaw! The great part is that this is the college that I'm really considering going to, now I feel like I can breath easier. There is still a lot of dorm anxiety for me to get over but I think by September I'll be good to go.

I'm just so thankful that I got in, so thankful for all the opportunities that God has provided for me.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Word Wednesdays

I call these the wandering of a mind, enjoy:

Autumn, leaves, trees, raking, crunching, dog poop, my dog, black and white, piano,  music, beatles, hair cuts, long hair, frizz, Garnier Fructis, green, grass, favorite, pretty, smile, hippies, Across the Universe, movie, theaters, The Nutcracker, barbie, ken, kelly, swan lake, ballet, Black Swan, Natalie Portman, Where the Heart Is, movie, dollar, money, babysitting, job, sandwich, shop, mall, stores, clothes, sweaters, leaves. Autumn.

It took me 43 thoughts to return to my original ones. Fun stuff! Try it sometime.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Midnovember Musings

First off all I really can't believe that it's already the middle of November! Months just go by so fast these days.

Clearly every store is in a huge hurry to start their Christmas sales. Everywhere I go Christmas music is playing and decorations are up. Crazy considering Christmas is in over a month. I don't really like to rush any holiday. I start my Christmas season on the first of December, which gives me 25 days of anticipation and preparation.

But really, as I'm typing this I'm beginning to get excited, I just love Christmas! I really do, I love everything about it. It is by far my favorite holiday.

In other news I'm trying to get my math grade under control. Every other subject is going very well with the exception of Biochemistry which is a bit trick but manageable. My math teacher is a little rough around the edges. To be honest I'm a bit afraid of him but I think we'll end up being friends. Maybe. I'm also doing a bit of writing since I want to finish one final short story to go into the collection that I'm binding for a Christmas gift. I'm having a bit of writers block but I'll push past it.

Anywho, I don't really have that much else to say. I'm sure this has been a bit boring. I feel like there was something else that I wanted to write but I can't think of it right now. Next time.

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, November 14, 2011


I have SO much to catch up on!! But I will begin with my 11-11-11 experience! First of all, I have been waiting for 11-11-11 since I was 11 years old and in 6th grade.

My whole sixth grade year the time 11:11 came when I was in Language Arts class (now called English) I always looked at my digital watch and I loved the way that all the one's lined up, specially when it was 11:11 with 11 seconds. One day I calculated that when I was a senior in high school it would be the year 2011 and then would come the day in mid November when it would be 11-11-11 and on that day when it was 11:11 with 11 seconds something really awesome would happen.

So the day comes around after 6 years of anticipation I calculate that the time would occur when I was at lunch. Perfect! More opportunity to celebrate. So I ended up having to get math help during my lunch period that day, no biggie I could still watch the clock. Well, I'm in the library, in the middle of a VERY complicated math problem (dividing algebraic expressions) when I kept hearing the teacher in a neighboring classroom saying "Just 10 more minutes!" and finally I heard the class counting down and cheering. I'm thinking "What the heck is going on?" until I realized I MISSED MY MOMENT! I MISSED 11-11-11 at 11:11:11!!!! AFTER 6 YEARS OF WAITING! ALL BECAUSE OF MATH!!

Naturally I was very upset BUT all was no lost, I still had 11:11:11 pm. That night I crawl into bed early and I say goodnight to my sister whose room is next door. She then reminds me that I'll be missing the big moment if I go to sleep. Stupid me, I really forgot again?? I was really so tired that I nearly just gave up on the whole thing but then I reminded myself how long I've been waiting for this. So I told my sister that she could wake me up at 11:11 and we would count down together. I fell asleep and right as she said, my sister called for me and we counted down. Bam, the big moment came and gone. I cheered, I wooped but to be honest I was half asleep so I don't remember it all that much. I don't know what my 11 year old self imagined would happen but I totally owed it to myself to experience it.

So that was 11-11-11 experience. More to come soon!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Am I Meant To Do?

That's the red-hot question on my mind. For the past 4 years I though I wanted to be a nurse. Now, senior year, crunch time, I realize that that may not be the case. I want to be a nurse I'm just not sure that it's feasible for me. Too much math and science, plain and simple. So...what am I supposed to do now? What does God have in store for me? The thing is I just have no idea at all and that scares me because I need to have some sort of plan.

I know what I want to be doing 10 years down the road, I want to have a husband and maybe I'll have had 2 of my 4 kids. I want to have had a career for a few years and take time off until my youngest is in school.

I know what I want I guess, I just don't know how to get there.
Or maybe I just wish I could skip all the hard stuff in between.

But  I know, I know that there will still be conflicts and trials no matter where I am in life. I know that motherhood is no picnic but that is the one thing that I KNOW I want to do with my life. Above all else I want to be a mother. But that can't be the only thing, I get that. I know that I'll end up regretting not going to college and getting a degree, besides how am I supposed to meet someone if I just stay at home and watch the clock turn.

How am I supposed to grow that way anyhow?

I've got so many questions, so many worries and so very many concerns about my future. Being the selfish human that I am I just want to ask God "Tell me what I am supposed to do! Just tell me so I'll know! Why can't you show me God? Why can't you make it easy?"

The thing is that it's not meant to be easy. Life isn't easy but I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me, seriously, I really can. I just have to trust that whatever God has in store for me is exactly what I am supposed to be doing and that I will find my way if I just follow Him.

It's a lot to take in but it's what I'm facing right now and I just have to put my chin up and jump in headfirst.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Demands of a High School Senior

You have to apply to ALL your college choices by November (x)
Your grades must be impeccable ()
You have to be super savvy on the whole college process ()
You must be excited to move away from home (x) also can't be afraid to leave home ()
You must become BFF's with your counselor because she's the one who sends the transcripts (x)
You must participate in all the senior activities ()
You have to start wearing college everyday ()
Teachers become more like friends then advisers  (x)

I'll write a long post tomorrow