Monday, October 24, 2011

Words Will Never Hurt Me

Or will they??

Today I came home early from school because I have a monster cold...sore throat, ear ache...the whole nine yards. As I was going to my locker to get my book bag I passed a group of kids waiting by these doors. One of them said "Look a midget!"

Breath in, breath out...I wanted to flick them off...I wanted to swear at them. What did I do instead? I turned around and gave them the most hurt look I could muster. I wanted to make them feel bad since that was what they'd done to me.

Now alright I know I'm short but I am by no means a "midget" or the correct term "little person". I hate it when people comment about how short I am, like I don't already know. I know I should just brush it off but it really hurt my feelings, like more than I expected it too. It just stinks that people are so darn ignorant.

But alas I will redeem this day! Hopefully I'll feel well enough to go visit my grandma after school and I get to babysit two adorable babies tonight, it's a good thing I'm no longer contagious!


Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's a Cupcake Kind of Day

I am in the middle of making/frosting/decorating 2 dozen cupcakes. 1 dozen is for someone special's birthday and the other dozen is for the family. I really only meant to make 12 but I ended up with more batter than I anticipated. Tragic.

Later my sisters and I are going to a nearby fruit farm for some fall fun. This evening I'm babysitting 1 year old twins with my sister. They're always fun so I'm looking forward to it.

Anyway...lately I've been thinking about my friends. I have a lot of friends at school but none of them exactly have the same morals as me, at least not for the same reason. They're not bad people or anything but I want to surround myself with people who will build me up and be a good example. That is why I need more friends at Church. Hopefully I can start going to this young adult Bible study that my Church offers, I want to go but I'm just nervous because everyone there are already friends. We'll see.

Oh have I mentioned that I'm getting a cold again? That's right, my FOURTH cold this year....I hate being sick....hate it...hate it....hate it!

Gotta go frost some cupcakes!

Happy Saturday!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let's Start From the Very Begining

The other day I got back to my roots. I renewed giving my life to Christ. I just feel like I've strayed lately and I want to start really cracking down on my growing as a Christian. I want to see improvement in the way I act. I want to read the Bible more and memorize more scripture. I want to do these things not just for me but for God.

I'm hoping that I can stay on this path and not stray again.

Sorry for the short post again...I feel like a cheater! I'm starting to figure out the blog a little better so you'll be noticing a few changes soon. As you can see I've already added an about me page. Fun stuff!
Happy Thursday!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Long break, sorry for that.
A lot has been going on, both good and not so good.

Here is a poem to summarize the past 2 weeks;

2 weeks has gone by
Just like that
I've done a lot
I've babysat

I've been spending time
With my favorite Gram
School makes me want to go
On the lamb

Some anger
Has built up inside
I try to keep it in
And try to hide

These feelings that
Should not be
It's really senseless
And harmful to me

I applied to a college
I should get in
To the best
Of my knowledge

A few fears have
Been put at ease
Some things have changed
Including the trees

A new season is here
A time for new things
I've got to fly
To spread my wings

The end.

More soon!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why I Write Part 2

I write because I can.

I have always had the natural ability to write. Pair that up with a passion to write and you get a pretty dedicated writer. From the time I was in 2nd grade I've always been writing. I started out writing some pretty simple, short mystery "books". By the time I was 9 I had written two fairly lengthy short stories and from that point to about 2 years after I worked on a children's novel. From when I was 13-15 I would write stories but never finish. In the past 2 years I have started and finished several long pieces! Yay!

Today I got an essay back at school and I got an A! This doesn't surprise me at all because writing has always come so naturally. I can easily ace any essay that I am given, even if I don't know the material. It kind of makes me wonder if maybe I should be going into something English related next year in college instead of for thought.
I think the reason that I wrote so much last year in particular was because I was taking Creative Writing class at school, it really kept me in my writing "groove". I wanted to take the class again this year but I didn't have any space in my schedule. So I'm kind of stuck in a writing rut. I started 2 new pieces but I'm just not feeling them...does that make sense? Blogging has been a great way for me to write but not feel the pressure of thinking about characters, plots and length. The blog is sort of my way to write about anything and everything that is on my mind. And I love it!


Monday, October 3, 2011


Here is my review of the movie 50/50:

Okay so at the start of the movie there was one conversation between the 2 main characters that was rather vulgar. I was like "Oh man what have I gotten myself into!" but it turned out that that was the only scene that was like that. The main characters name is Adam and his best friend is Kyle. Kyle's character is likes to use some crude humor (he's probably the reason for the R rating) but he has good intentions.

The movie starts out and you are drawn into Adam's life. He works at a radio station and is working on a piece about a volcano. He's kind of quirky, he doesn't drive (too dangerous!) and he bites his nails a lot. Him and Kyle are long time college best friends, both of them are 27. About 10 minutes into the film we find out that Adam has been having back pain and night sweats so he goes in for some tests at the hospital and they find out he has a rare type of cancerous tumor in on his spine. At first he is shocked and seems fearful. He tells Kyle who is convinced he will be fine, his not-so-nice girlfriend Rachel is hesitantly supportive and his mother is extremely upset.

Before treatment begins Adam starts going for regular visits to a therapist that the hospital has provided him with. Her name is Katherine and she is new at her job (Adam is her 3rd patient). She is very nervous and awkward but she tries very hard to help Adam feel at ease with virtually no success.

Adam begins treatment and is faced with many debilitating side affects. In a long string of events, unfaithfulness on her part and failure to be supportive, he breaks up with Rachel. Newly single Kyle tries to get Adam to use his illness as a way to pick up women. They go out to a night club and bring some girls home (there is a brief sexual scene here) but Adam quickly realizes that his love life is not the same now that he is sick.

After being in treatment for quite some time Adam goes in for his MRI to see if it is working. When Kyle is not available to come with him to his appointment Adam finally calls his mom who he has been avoiding for months. His mother and father (who has Alzheimers and cannot understand what is going on) accompany him to the hospital where they are informed that the treatment has not worked and Adams only option is a very invasive and risky surgery to remove the tumor that may not even work. Adam agrees to have the surgery the very next week.

On the night before his surgery Adam and Kyle go out and Kyle gets drunk. Adam tries driving Kyle's car home but experiences a breakdown and ends up calling Katherine for support. Back at Kyle's apartment Adam finds something that shows him just how much Kyle cares about him.

Kyle take Adam to the hospital where his mom waits with him to go into surgery. The moments before he is wheeled away are very emotional and probably my favorite scenes of the whole movie as we finally see Adam's vulnerable side.


In the end they are able to remove Adams tumor and he is declared Cancer free. The movie closes with Adam preparing for a date with Katherine.


Overall I loved this movie. I loved Adam;s character and the dynamic that all his supporting actors brought to the table. I would strongly recommended it to you!!  It will leave you feeling hopeful and you will fall in love with Adam and his sweet personality.

Overall rating: 8.5/10


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Happy October!

Goals for the month:

  • Try even harder in school
  • Read the Bible every day without fail
  • Patience. 
  • Spend less money
  • Have a certain family over for dinner
  • Spend some time with my friend and her baby
  • Spend more time with C
In other news yesterday was a really great day. My sister, my best friend C and I went to see the movie 50/50. I think I'll review it in another post but it was really good! After the move we hung out at my house and watched Dance Moms. Ahem.  We were really hungry and we were going to go out to dinner but then C's parents invited us over to eat a DELICIOUS pasta dish. Then we went out for ice cream!

Fun times and a great way to welcome in the new month!